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Elite shungite is a very rare mineral. It contains 90-98% of carbon. This is an amazing stone, and one that is beneficial to a healthy life. It is one of the only known natural material known to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants. Shungite is used by many for purification.

Shungite is only found in Karelia, norther Russia. At least two billion years old. Shungite contains virtually all the minerals in the periodic table. A rare carbon mineral it is composed of fullerenes . Wear Shungite or place on the source of electro-magnetic frequency, such as computers and cell phones. At a physical level, Shungite […]

Crystals shungite Elite 50 gr (1-5 gr stones) “Elite mineral” may sound a bit weird. After all, it is easy to understand that alcohol drinks or ..

Elite shungite in a baggie ~61 gram. The weight of one stone is 1-8g.Elite shungite contains 90-98% of carbon. It’s excel common shungite..

If you are looking for the most effective shungite protection and healing, look no further than Elite Shungite. This type of shungite is the rarest on the planet and can be found only in several shungite deposits in Karelia, in Russia.

Shungite (Elite/Noble) 30 gram s Shungite is a unique combination of carbon and silicate minerals found in an ancient deposit in Karelia Russia. Hollow molecular carbon cages known as fullerenes are embedded within the rock.

Noble, Elite or Silver Shungite The energy embodied within this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life, and it has active metaphysical properties with strong healing powers .

Metaphysical uses for Shungite include: Providing a shielding power. Acting as an antibacterial and antiviral. Fighting chronic fatigue syndrome. Restoring balance in the body. Helping to purify water. Shungite contains virtually all the minerals in the periodic table.

Shungite and EMF protection; custom shungite jewelry and accessories including shungite necklaces & pendants, shungite pyramids & spheres, shungite accessories, pet charms, shungite ornaments, elite shungite for making shungite water, and much more. Made and shipped from the USA! Custom orders always welcome.

Shungite is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent of carbon. It was first described from a deposit near Shunga village , …

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Elite shungite is 4 times more effective in water treatment and contains very high concentrations of fullerenes. However, it is quite rare and difficult to mine and it is fragile and cannot be used to make objects like pyramids or jewelry due to its high concentration of carbon.

Elite shungite stones for water purification . Weight of the set: 100 grams (0,22 lb) Weight of each stone in the set: about 20-50 grams (0,04-0,1 lb)

Silver Shungite Extra-Extra Small Size – $22.00 for 200 gram bag Silver Shungite is often referred to as “Noble Shungite” or “Elite Shungite” and is a purer, rough form of this unusual material. Locality: Zazhoginskaya mine, Karelia, Russia

Shungite–Fullerenes for Water. The higher grade, referred to as the silver form—also as elite or noble shungite—has a carbon content of 80% or more (and a correspondingly higher fullerene content). It is shiny and looks very much like the mineral known as galena. Only 1% of shungite is in this form.

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ELITE SHUNGITE CRYSTALS. A handful of polished Elite Shungite Crystals. Also known as Noble Shungite, this is the rarer crystalised version of the shungite rock. SHUNGITE. Shungite is a very popular mineral for its many interesting uses, including water purification and its metaphysical properties.

Shungite is an incredibly powerful, ancient healing stone, said to be around 2 billion years old. Elite (Noble) Shungite is the highest quality of shungite listing is for one (1) shungite tumbled stone Size is ~0.5″ – 1.5″ (Small, Me

ELITE SHUNGITE CRYSTAL. A good sized Elite Shungite Crystal. Shungite: Shungite is a very popular mineral for its many interesting uses, including water purification and its metaphysical properties. As you may notice when comparing the size with the weight of this mineral, it is very light. That is the carbon component at hand.

Jun 23, 2015 · There are two types shungite: Black shungite contains 35% carbon and Elite Noble Shungite contains up 98% carbon Both types shungite used in water purification. Elite shungite …

Elite Shungite Grade 1. Why some kinds of shungite is elite and is more expensive? The answer is simple: it contains more fullerene. The number of fullerene in this nobel type of the mineral is around 98%, while in usual rock the percent of fullerene is around 70-80%.

Field: Village Shun’ga, Republic of Karelia, Russia 186304 Our address: Shungite Stone LTD. pr. Lenina, 25 Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia

Shungite is widely used to make such talismans as balls, pyramids, cubes, protection plates, and harmonizers. The accessories include pendants, beads and bracelets while stones made of it are usually found in gold, silver or palladium settings.

Shungite ELITE. 1.2K likes. La shungite e’ un minerale organico molto raro che si trova solo in Russia.Questa “pietra miracolosa” possiede delle

Elite Shungite can be characterized like that. It can truly be called selective, since it is hand-picked. This is a very rare mineral; in comparison to standard Shungite, in which the carbon content ranges from 30 to 50 percent, elite Shungite is 98% carbon. This fact allows Shungite have a …

Elite Shungite is the ultimate bodyguard both metaphysically and scientifically. A powerful protection stone in offering psychic protection and protection from all forms of negativity. It infuses the auric field with light and neutralises the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields emitted from mobile phones, computes and WiFi.

According to this site which sells Elite and regular Shungite, when water is filtered or infused with Shungite the pH of the water is lowered to acidic. They recommend drinking Shungite water ONLY for therapeutic purposes and not on a regular basis.

In Russia, shungite has a long history, and the Czar Peter, who ruled Russia was rumoured to prefer to drink water infused with shungite minerals, which led to his frequent travels to the Karelia region in Russia, where Shunga is located.

Shungite is a rare kind of diamagnetic, so the mineral has the ability to attenuate the effects of electromagnetic fields. Shungite is an exclusive mineral for protection against the electromagnetic smog created by electromagnetic fields of various nature.

Shungite is well known stone for healing what have metaphysical properties. The main activity of our company is the production of souvenirs from shungite mineral.. The use of the advanced equipment and almost waste-less production technology, as well as the availability of our own raw materials base, makes it possible for us to offer very competitive prices.

The shungite stone pendant also contains some properties to conduct electricity that is great during meditation and also acts as an amplifier in magic.

The stone has been documented to have a high oxidative/reductive capacity. Shungite water is known for its antioxidant effects. When you place Elite Noble shungite stones in water they enrich water with fullerenes. Shungite water has powerful antioxidant properties.

Elite or Noble, Shungite is rare and accounts for about 1% of all Shungite mined. Of all Shungite, Elite contains the highest concentration of Fullerenes, it also contains approximately 97% Carbon.

Elite shungite strewn in the filter is much more effective black shungit unnecessarily. contains more carbon atoms. (up to 98% carbon) Filter strewn elite shungite much more expensive than black, because it is produced by hand, and its reserves are limited. There are …

“Elite shungite /noble shungite stones have amazing silvery shining and are reach in carbon content (up to 98 %). Its doposits are very scares and are much less then other types of shungite. Elite shungite is extensively used in natural medicine and spirit”

Shungite has also found a place in natural healing & alternative medicine as well as meditation, chakra healing, reiki and spiritual healing. For this reason it is sometimes called the “Miracle Stone”. There are varities of Shungite: Elite Shungite & Regular Shungite.

Dimensions fraction 5-12mm Weight 100g Beneficial features of elite shungite The elite shungite 90-98% consists of carbon which determines the unique properties of this stone Piece of elite shungite from 5 to 350 grams is the best stone to use with water because in this case in the water enters the

Elite shungite . The best tool for cleansing my water and myself, I only use purified water and The very informitive chats Adam gives lead me to this amazing shungite, I have also got the stick on for my phone and will be getting the plates. Thanks again, spread the word!

These Elite silver shungite pendants and raw pieces will immediately connect to the human biology and you can feel the Bucky-balls doing hoops. There is an initial energy alignment as the stone connects with your cellular memory. When you take the Elite shungite off you can feel the actual disconnect.

Silver shungite, also called elite/noble shungite, is the purest form of this stone containing 90 to 98 per cent of organic carbon. It has a shiny silvery look and constitutes less than one per cent of all shungite, making it the most beneficial and rarest forms of shungite.

Elite shungite Elite shungite in granules Package of elite shungite Products from elite shungite Elite shungite (pellets) Large pieces of elite shungite Plaques for cell phone Polished plaques for cell phone Unpolished plaques for cell phone Plaques for cell phone with Zodiac signs Gel plaques for cell phone with Zodiac signs

Apr 08, 2015 · Shungite – unique in its composition, structure and properties, one of the oldest on earth. It contains not less than 20 mineral micronutrients for the human body, including silicon and globular

Noble (Elite) Shungite pendant Exclusive. A single instance! You will get the actual pendant shown in photo.

Nov 12, 2012 · Elite/Nobel/Silver shungite is a more pure form of it. If you want to toss shungite to charge already clean water, like a gem elixir, this higher grade is the best way to go. Elite shungite is way too brittle to create shapes with it’s just crumbles away.

Petrovsky Shungite ~ 85% pure, rough, silvery, very brittle and sheds a lot of pieces; Grade A Shungite ~ polished, Elite Noble Shungite from a different mining source (there are many mines in the area, which is vast) Grade B Shungite ~ rough, non silvery, matt black material, often powdery on the outside

Nobel Elite Shungite also known as Silver Shungite comes from only one place in Nobel Elite for protection and overall healing used in water purification. It’s known for its healing properties and is an excellent stone to wear or make elixir water with.

Elite Shungite also known as Noble Shungite, Silver Shungite, and Type 1 Shungite contains 98 percent organic carbon. It comprises less than 1 percent of all Shungite found making it rare. This Shungite can be identified by its semi-metallic silvery shine.

Shungite is a very powerful stone that is said to be the “miracle stone” and/or “the stone of life. Shungite is known for its incredible healing and protection properties. I like to think of Shungite as the stone of transformation, because it is the stone of superpowers, the stone of alchemy

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Elite shungite also called noble or silver grade 1 shungite. Elite Shungite has the highest vibration of all the grades and has the strongest healing and protective properties. Shungite is a catalyst for positive changes and growth, because it helps heal your lower energies and prepare them for higher energy work!

Shungite. Stonebridge Imports Shungite Wholesale! Mythology: Shungite is an excellent stone for magickal and mystical work. It grounds spiritual energy to bring it into the Earth plane existence. Shungite is also used to bring Light into the auric energy field, allowing positive energy only to …